Mother Sues After Son And His Friends Discover “Private” Photos Of Her Online

A woman is suing a plastic surgeon from Texas after topless pictures of her were posted on the doctor’s website.
Despite promises that were made by the practice the photos would not be made available for public viewing, the mother’s 12-year-old son ended up finding them when he conducted a Google search at a birthday party.
The humiliated mom is now suing Houston-based Dr. Pierre Chevray for damages between $200,000 and $1 million.
According to the plaintiff’s petition, and first reported in the Houston Chronicle the woman began treatment for breast cancer in October 2004 at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, where she consulted with Dr. Chevray, who worked there at the time.
During the consultation, the doctor showed the woman, who has only been identified as Jane Doe, some topless photos of a number of former patients.
He insisted that topless before-and-after photos of her breasts should be taken in order to create symmetry.
‘Defendant specifically promised that plaintiff’s photographs would not be used on the internet,’ the petition stated.
‘Defendant further assured plaintiff that there would be no way to identify the photographs as her own.’
The pictures were supposed to remain part of her confidential file, however her son allegedly found the topless pictures online after searching for her name on Google at a birthday party.

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