Women Told To Leave Houston Store Because of ‘Rowdy’ Kids?

Sure, parents should keep their children in line. In this instance, was it really that bad?

Video below:


KHOU has more of the story…

HOUSTON – What happened inside King Dollar on Sunday was supposed to be a quick shopping trip with the kids, but for Monica Briones and Holly Montellano, two friends with four children each, the trip quickly turned sour.

“You do not treat your customers that way,” said Montellano.

In video that has now gone viral, their kids are heard in the background, you can also hear the store clerk asking for all of them to leave.

“I was getting scolded like I was a child,” said Briones. “That’s when she flipped out.”

The clerk loses her temper and erupts in a loud scream.

“Spit was coming out, that was unprofessional,” said Briones.

The clerk calls the mothers out for bringing that many kids to mess up her store.

“When she came around the last time, I thought she was going to physically assault me somehow, that’s when I told Holly, take the kids out,” said Montellano.

No one with the store wanted to talk on camera, but the store manager tells KHOU 11 News, the eight children were causing chaos inside and that the clerk had asked them to leave several times, but nothing happened.

The question now is, did the clerk handle the situation the right way? “The kids were tearing this store up,” said Reesha Williams.

Williams said she was in the store that day too and saw it all.

“I think the clerk did what she was supposed to do,” said Williams.

The two moms disagree and said their children weren’t behaving any worse than others; they were young kids being kids.

“It didn’t matter how many kids we had or how they were acting, you could have said what you needed to say in a nice way,” said Montellano.

On Facebook, people are debating about who is right in the viral video. “It was ridiculous, it was nothing that I’d ever had to experience,” said Briones.

The mothers said they’re taking their business and their kids elsewhere.

There are surveillance cameras inside the store, but the manager said the video is stored elsewhere and it was not released. The manager also said the store has been getting death threats.

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