Michigan Governor Snyder HALTING Flow of ‘Syrian Refugees’ Into His State

We have heard of the influx of “refugees” headed into our country, but it seems that one person has enough wits about him to cease that action. Michigan governor, Rick Snyder has made a stunning announcement that I am sure will have liberals crying foul.

According to Fox 17,

Following Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris linked to ISIS, Gov. Rick Snyder said he’s made the decision to suspend efforts to bring Syrian refugees to Michigan.

While acknowledging the state’s “rich history of immigration” Snyder said the first priority needs to be protecting the safety of the state’s residents.

“Given the terrible situation in Paris, I’ve directed that we put on hold our efforts to accept new refugees until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security completes a full review of security clearances and procedures,” Snyder said in a statement released to media Sunday.

“There will be difficult days ahead for the people of France and they remain in our thoughts and prayers. It’s also important to remember that these attacks are the efforts of extremists and do not reflect the peaceful ways of people of Middle Eastern descent here and around the world.”

A spokesperson for the Governor said the decision had been made on Saturday after speaking with administrative and legislative leaders.

If more of our state leaders would stand up to the insane demands of an obvious maniacal leader we may be able to stop the impending destruction.

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