Newly Released ISIS Video Threatens That This Major America City Will Be Attacked & Soon

A new video released on Wednesday by ISIS claims that more attacks will come in the wake of Paris, specifically mentioning an attack in New York City’s Times Square by a suicide bomber.

The video, released by ISIS’s media arm the Furat Media Center, features re-purposed footage of a music video released back in April which showed a suicide bomber getting ready to attack Times Square.

The older footage from New York City, however, is followed by a new video showing French President Francois Hollande’s address following the attacks on Paris last week.

Before showing scenes of New York’s Times Square, an ISIS militant is pictured saying that the attacks in Paris were just the beginning.

The video then cuts to a militant donning a bomb vest mixed with footage of flashing billboards and yellow taxi cabs.

The video ends with a message on the screen that reads “and what is to come will be worse and more bitter.”

New York City Police Department spokesman Stephen Davis said the agency is aware of the newly released video, and will continue to work with the FBI and intelligence community.

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