62-Year-Old Was Enjoying A Boat Trip With Family When Tragedy Strikes As They Are Forced To Watch The Horror Unfold

A family is grieving today after a 62-year-old man was eaten alive by a crocodile while on a boat trip in Australia.

According to reports, the man was snatched up by the crocodile in front of his family during their boat trip. His wife, son, and daughter-in-law were all present when the horrific attack occurred, and the 62-year-old’s remains were found inside of the animal after police arrived and shot it dead.

The family says it took them two hours to get from their fishing location in Kakadu to a small town called Cooinda for help, but by that point, it was far too late.

The Kakadu National Park rangers, along with local police, actively searched for the man, and eventually, they discovered his remains inside of a crocodile after shooting the animal dead.

 This is a tragic event and our thoughts are with the family during this very difficult time,” said Commander Bruce Porter. Mitch Bathis, manager of Corroboree Tavern near the park, says that customers haven’t stopped talking about what happened to the man and notes that it hasn’t scared people away from continuing to fish.

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