Anonymous Has Just Uncovered U.S. Based Company Helping ISIS, If True This Is Treason!

Following the recent series of terrorist attacks that bloodied Paris, online “hacktivist” group Anonymous declared open war against the Islamic State group.

That digital front in the war against the radical jihadists has consisted of direct denial of service attacks and other efforts to shut down social media accounts and websites used by the Islamists to communicate, coordinate attacks and recruit new jihadis.

However, there has been a significant obstacle in the way of an otherwise overwhelming victory for Anonymous, and that obstacle resides in Silicon Valley in the United States, according to the group.

Anonymous has announced on Twitter that Cloudflare has been actively assisting websites used by the Islamic State group to defend against Anonymous’ attacks.

According to Business Insider, Cloudflare is a U.S.-based web hosting service that helps websites stay online when they are undergoing DDoS attacks designed to crash their sites with overwhelming traffic, a tactic commonly used by Anonymous.
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