A Cheerleader Posted THIS Online And Her Coach Immediately Kicked Her Off The Squad [WATCH]

Revere High School recently decided that their students needed a field trip and chose to send them to the city election in their town. Officials had hoped that the trip would inspire students to encourage their parents to get out and vote – a clear issue after only a 10% voter turnout in the recent mayoral race.

Caley Godino went on the trip along with her friends, but she didn’t take away the same pro-voting attitude that the rest of them seemed to. The head cheerleader heard about the 10% voter turnout statistic and decided to take to Twitter to voice her own on the opinion. Now not only is she not head cheerleader – she got kicked off the team entirely!

Godino went from being the star cheerleader, the one who influenced all the others to be a complete nothing due to one insensitive post on Twitter – just another reminder to always watch what you post on social media. It’s almost impossible to delete something forever.

Godino’s teacher had posed her students a question, asking why only 10% of the town comes out to vote for mayor. Godino didn’t tell her true thoughts via the required essay, instead deciding like so many teens to only be honest with strangers on Twitter.

“Only 10 percent of Revere votes for mayor because the other 90 percent isn’t legal,” the young girl wrote, echoing a sentiment that is certainly echoed all over the town but never put into writing.

Revere High didn’t consider her remarks funny or cute and neither did other students, many of whom actually threatened Godino with physical harm. Hispanic students were especially incensed, with the entire soccer team apparently planning to jump her after she got off the bus – and proving every stereotype at the same time.

Despite these obvious threats of violence, no other students were punished as part of this incident. Instead the school bent to the violent protesters, banning Godino from school activities including her beloved cheer leading for months.

Do you think Godino deserves to be banned from school activities for her insensitive tweet or is this just an abuse of power by the school?

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