5 Elementary Students Are Arrested After They Plan To Do THIS At A High School!

It’s quite possibly a parent’s worst nightmare: finding out your children are responsible for a horrific act of evil, and it’s even worse when your child is still in elementary school. For five parents, it means knowing that their elementary-schoolers were attempting to bomb a high school.

Police questioned five elementary school students after a teacher found papers indicating the children were planning to blow up a high school during a field trip, authorities said.

The fifth-graders, ranging in age from 10 to 11, allegedly tried to build an explosive device using vinegar and cinnamon, which they thought would cause an explosion, police said.

The contraption “wasn’t dangerous to anyone,” Clifton Police Det. Sgt. Robert Bracken told The Record. “They thought it was capable of doing damage,” he said.

The kids planned to bring their device on a field trip Wednesday to Clifton High School and set it off during a presentation in the campus auditorium, Bracken said.

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