They Thought Stealing A Car Would Be A Joke. But Their Intended Victim Had Other Plans…

Customs and Border Protection agent Armando Alaniz was recently vacationing with hi family in Orlando and enjoying it all the while, taking in all the sights, smells and tastes that the popular Florida city has to offer…

Video below:

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Alaniz was packing up his car last Wednesday night when suddenly he found himself in quite the sticky situation. 4 strangers began pointing guns at him and shouting threatening messages. Seconds later, he was pistol whipped, tied up and thrown into the backseat – of his own car.

For the following two hours, Alaniz was driven around with the four teenagers while his wife attempted to contact the vehicle with OnStar. Once Gregory McDonald, 18, Dante Askins, 18 and two other unnamed younger teens figured out the vehicle was being tracked, they ditched it at a drug house and ran on foot.

The OnStar representative then contacted the vehicle and only heard Alaniz’s desperate screams for help, according to Sheriff Jerry Demings.

Askins was arrested on Thursday afternoon, while the other three suspects were arrested the following day. All four have been charged with armed kidnapping, carjacking with a car and aggravated battery with a firearm.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, detectives are currently working to determine any gang affiliations these kids may have carried. He has also promised that increased patrols will being going around the International Drive tourist district from here on out.

Alaniz managed to make it out alive, treated with four stitches on a scalp wound and later released back to his family, worried sick at this point. Why do you think these horrible teenagers would do something like this to a random stranger? Sound off in the comments!

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