Close Call! SAS Sniper Pulls Off The Impossible Moments Before Suicide Attack Took Place.

A British Special Air Service sniper is being hailed a hero after killing three jihadis and two Islamic State guards with just three bullets, potentially saving hundreds of innocent lives.

An unnamed military veteran from the United Kingdom was about 2,600 feet away from an Islamic State bomb factory near Mosul, Iraq, when three men were seen leaving the factory in heavy coats, despite the warm weather.

The U.K.’s Express reported that the men were wearing the coats to hide suicide vests they were wearing underneath. According to the newspaper, the men were on their way to a nearby town where they planned to attack civilians.

An Army source called it a classic SAS mission and a complete success which probably saved the lives of hundreds of people.

“This was a classic SAS mission. The unit had been operating in the area for several weeks, mainly working as spotters for air strikes and gathering intelligence. About three weeks ago the intelligence guys got information that a bomb factory had been set up in a nearby village. The unit was sent in to see if they could identify the house and the bombers. There were too many civilian homes nearby and children were often around so an airstrike was out of the question. Instead, the SAS commander in Iraq decided to use a sniper team and the operation was a complete success. With just three well-aimed shots that single team has probably saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people.”

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