Metro Passenger Says No One Helped Him When Assaulted – Look At His Face Now!

“They pulled down their hoods and the guy in front seat tells them ‘Get him,’” said Mark Paffrath. “As soon as that happens, I got some guy choking me and another punching me in the eye. Two other reached in my pockets.” Paffrath says there was nothing he could do but scream. “I was in shock. I felt almost paralyzed. Here I got one guy holding me down and choking me and another hitting me in my left eye,” he said. “And two other guys robbing me. I felt paralyzed and helpless.”

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Tonight the You Paid For It Teams grills Metro on its new security plan following the vicious assault and robbery of a man on the MetroLink.

We’ve been questioning Metro over the millions of dollars it’s paying local police departments when it can’t even verify where the officers are, and it’s been paying for years with no verification.

Friday night Mark Paffrath was heading home from work on MetroLink. Several young men got on the train at the Rock Road Station and attacked him. He said no other passenger’s intervened and there was no security around.

He says some of the attackers held him while another hit him repeatedly and one of them rifled through his pockets

Paffrath says Metro needs to do a lot more to keep passengers safe.

This comes just days after we showed you an UMSL student who was terrorized on the train.

Metro says it’s adding more security help, but they won’t have arrest powers.

We’ve been questioning Metro over the $3.6 Million Dollars its paying police departments in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Clair County for a total of 42 officers to provide security on the trains and platforms. But Metro gets no verification of where the officers actually are and so it can’t say if taxpayers are getting their money’s worth.

Metro blames a provision in its contract with the various departments.

Metro is barred by law from setting up its own police department.

The spokeswoman wouldn’t say if Metro will make a push to try set up its own police force in the wake of the recent attacks on MetroLink.

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