[Watch] Obama Just Made A Huge Announcement That Will Have You Screaming!

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! Obama is claiming that Americans simply fear ISIS because they have been hyped by the media. Really? I think it might have more to do with dead victims like those in San Bernardino, CA. Or those in Paris, France. Or all the videos showing the creative ways that ISIS is beheading, crucifying, torturing, raping, enslaving and murdering people. Then he claims the media is only doing it for ratings. Whereas ratings are surely a part of it, the terrorism, panic, death and blood is surely another part of the reason it is all over the news.

From the Independent Journal:

Are you afraid that the Islamic radicals from ISIS might harm you or commit a terrorist attack stateside? According to President Obama, your worry only exists because the media keeps hyping the threat.

And they’re doing it for one reason: ratings.

In an interview with National Public Radio, Obama said this in response to a question about what the public is missing when evaluating the administration’s response to terrorism:

“I think what’s fair is that post-Paris you had a saturation of news about the horrible attack there and ISIL combines viciousness with very savvy media operations.

And as a consequence, if you’ve been watching television for the last month all you’ve been seeing, all you’ve been hearing about, is these guys with masks or black flags who are potentially coming to get you.”

We certainly have no faith in Obama protecting us. Just the opposite. Obama is using the media for cover here when the poop hits the fan.

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