Somalia Is Banning Christmas For One Very Specific Reason…..SMH

If liberals in the United States could get away with this, they totally would. And they’d call it “being inclusive.”

According to this, the predominantly-Islamic government of Somalia has outright banned anything to do with Christmas from public places. Not just government facilities or things like that, but even hotels and other businesses are not allowed to display Christmas trees or anything else that suggests anything for the festive holiday. What’s more the government is deploying their security forces to make sure that no Christian religious gatherings take place on Christmas. Foreigners are allowed to observe Christmas in the privacy of their own homes (don’t ask me how that works – it’s what the article says) or at places like embassies and such, but that’s about it.

The reason for this madness? Because Christmas doesn’t relate to Islam, and government officials “say” that the sight of anything Christian might incite attacks from Muslim extremists. From the article –

“Those celebrations are not in any way related to Islam,” Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow, director general of Somalia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, said Tuesday, according to BBC News.


Foreigners in Somalia are allowed to celebrate Christmas in their own homes and peacekeepers are also free to mark the holiday at United Nations and African Union compounds. However, hotels and other public places are barred from partaking in any events related to Christmas and New Year celebrations, which officials said are contrary to Islamic culture and faith.


Sheikh Nur Barud Gurhan, deputy chairman of the Supreme Religious Council of Somalia, told local media said such celebrations might motivate Islamic extremist group al-Shabab to launch attacks in the Muslim majority nation.


“We [Islamic Scholars] are warning against the celebration of such events which are not relevant to the principles of our religion. Such events give also al-Shabaab to carry out attacks,” Gurhan reportedly said Tuesday.

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