ESPN Anchor: “I Don’t Agree With Homosexuality.” But Watch What Happens Next…

Is this man a bigot?

Video below:

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This ESPN reporter had some strong words to say back in 2013 when former NBA player, Jason Collins, announced he was gay, and you can hear the conviction Chris Broussard has when speaking about the subject.

Broussard is talking about his convictions with a colleague of his LZ Granderson and in this short clip you can respect him for taking a stand.

“If you’re openly living in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be…” Broussard said regarding any sex outside of marriage between a man and woman. “I believe that’s walking in open rebellion to God, and to Jesus Christ.”

According to Broussard’s website he is an, “Award-winning journalist for ESPN, a published author, founder of The K.I.N.G. Christian Men’s Movement and on-air NBA thought leader (ESPN, ABC). Chris is a game changer, fueling audiences with exciting new ideas, mindsets, attitudes and solutions.”

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