[Photo’s] Miranda Lambert Posted Photo’s Recently That Have Many Outraged…

Her love of God and guns is what you see country star, Miranda Lambert, typically draw attention for from her fans and other God fearing, gun loving world-wide citizens…BUT now…a recent Instagram picture has apparently caused outrage with a certain group of Lambert fans…and they are getting ruthless about it.

She posted a photo online, and it caused outrage after apparently showing too much for people to handle.

Lambert is a self-proclaimed animal lover, and she does a lot of work to help rescue dogs. But this year for Christmas, she was given a present from her grandmother that appeared to conflict with her love of all things furry, and when she posted a picture of it to Instagram, people weren’t happy, according to E! Online.

“We had higher hopes,” said PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange in a statement. “Since Miranda rescues dogs, we always thought she could see that whether fur comes from a mink, a fox, or a dog or a cat in China, the source is always a gentle animal who did not want to die.”

Some of her fans weighed in as well.

“Miranda I love your music!” one person wrote. “But I HATE the fact that you support such cruel industries such as fur and hunting!”

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