3 People In North Carolina Have Been Charged For Crimes Committed Reports Of A “Grim And Bloody Scene.”

An 18-year-old boy and 29-year-old boy in North Carolina were charged with night hunting and unlawful possession after officials found a grim, bloody scene at one of their Pinetops, NC homes. When officers came out to the house after receiving a tip, they were alarmed to find 26 dead deer, in various states of decay. 16 bucks’ heads were discovered, as well as ten other deer in various areas of the property.

Per WRAL, Lt. Sam Craft of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission said,“Some were just the heads with the antlers, and others were whole deer left to lie in the field.” They saw one deer that was still alive — it had been shot and “left for dead” when it was spotted wandering alone in a field. Officials reportedly had to put it down because its injuries were too grave.

Craft said it didn’t appear that the deer were killed for their meat: “You don’t know what to say to people who commit crimes like these … It does not appear they were trying to feed their families.”

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