Heart-Warming, Graphic Bully BeatDown Went Viral For A Reason – The Gentle Giant Wins!

This video went viral for a good reason because it’s disturbingly satisfying. It seems like your basic, run-of-the-mill, bully-picking-on-kid scenario that happens every day in every school for thousands of kids.  Except this particular one happened to be caught on video and the ‘kid’ the bully was pestering is the size of a mountain compared to the skinny, Justin Beiber-y looking bully who’s taunting him in front of his classmates.  You see something start brewing inside the mini mountain of a boy as the bully slaps him in the face several times and laughs. We’re going to be up front and say we were sincerely concerned for Bargain Bin Beiber when mountain boy erupted and pile drived his head into the ground because that shit could have been fatal.  But thankfully, it wasn’t.  It was just enough to get the kid walking crooked in a way that only happens when you get bashed in the head with the sidewalk.


Source: TheRichest

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