Woman’s Facebook Post On How Her Boyfriend Passed Away Goes Viral, See Why Here….

Losing someone you love is always hard and it is even worse when the death could have easily been prevented. One woman took to Facebook to appeal to the masses on the dangers of texting and driving in this heartfelt post.

According to America News:

Though texting and driving is illegal in several parts of the country, it’s not uncommon to see people using their phones with one hand on the wheel. However, writer Susan Shain knows firsthand how devastating its effects can be.

In a New Year’s Eve Facebook post that has garnered nearly 77,000 likes, she shared her heartbreak over losing her boyfriend, Bob Armlin, in a car wreck possibly caused by texting and driving.

Shain wrote:

Bob was 29 years old — and so full of life and laughter that it is nearly impossible to imagine him dead. Though we’ll never know exactly what happened that day, it might’ve had something to do with his cell phone.

Whatever the cause, the point remains the same: it could’ve been — it could be — any of us. We’ve all been guilty of using our phone when we shouldn’t.

So if you need a New Year’s resolution, please consider this one: stop using your phone while driving.

That means no texting (not even voice-to-text) no snapping (even if you are really good at singing to the radio), no fiddling with the music (set it and forget it), and no looking up directions (if you need GPS, use a dash mount and enter your destination while parked).

Why? Because it’s not worth it. It wasn’t worth the love of my life — it’s not worth any lives.

If you agree, please share this post; I’d love for this message to reach as many people as possible. Here’s to a safer and happier 2016.

Shain FOX 13 that the two had dated in college after meeting in high school and, after a short break, got back together. Shain called Armlin the love of her life.

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