Machete-Wielding Terrorist Attacks Jewish Man, What Happens Next Is A Miracle!

A Jewish teacher used a prayer book to defend himself Monday against a machete-wielding terrorist — claiming to be acting in the name of Allah — who tried to stab him in the southern French city of Marseille, Agence-France Presse reported. Thanks to the prayer book, whose title was chillingly relevant to the outcome of the incident, the 35-year-old teacher was injured only lightly.

A local prosecutor said that the 15-year-old assailant, an ethnic Kurd with Turkish citizenship, told police he was inspired by the Islamic State group. “He claimed to have acted in the name of Allah and the Islamic State, repeating several times to have done on behalf of Daesh,” prosecutor Brice Robin told a news conference, Reuters reported.

The attacker lunged at the teacher from behind, stabbed him in the shoulder and continued chasing him until the victim fell, prosecutor Brice Robin said. The prosecutor said the teacher who was wearing a Jewish skullcap kicked the attacker and used a Torah as a shield. A look at photos posted on the French news site Alyaexpress show that it was actually a Hebrew prayer book titled “Vezot Habracha,” or “This Is the Blessing.”

The damage and bloodstain on the book can be seen in the photo:

Nouvel article: Attaque à Marseille (10) : Un juif attaqué avec une machette

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