15-Year-Old Fends Off Home Intruder Who Attacked His Sister By Pushing Attacker’s Head WHERE?

A home intruder got the surprise of a lifetime when a teenager of the family he was allegedly about to rob stopped him in his tracks.

Winzell Washington, 19, reportedly broke into an East Austin, Texas home on Monday afternoon and began assaulting one of the family members inside, according to the arrest warrant.

“I was sleeping on the couch then all of a sudden I heard a real banging sound at the door,” the 15-year-old of the family told My Fox Austin, “and so I got up, just sat up and all of a sudden the door flung open and I saw a guy darting through.”

Washington went after the teenager’s aunt and 19-year-old sister, even dragging the teenage girl onto the ground and touching her underwear, KXAN reports.The 15-year-old reportedly believed that Washington was going to sexually assault his sister and leaped into action.

“My whole body just went to defense mode,” he said. “[Washington and I] got up, we went into my brother’s room and when his face was towards the window, I don’t know what happened, but I know I pushed him super hard into the window.”

Law enforcement officials were later on the scene and discovered Washington covered in blood in the back patio.

“That family should be very proud of that 15-year-old,” said Cpl. Angel Polansky of the Austin Police Department, “but obviously there are risks involved with this so you need to take those risks into consideration. I don’t recommend going one-on-one with a suspect, but in this case it worked out.”

According to the teenager, Washington appeared intoxicated when he broke in.

When asked By My Fox Austin what he would say to the intruder, he replied: “’Get right before something bad happens to you. It could be worse next time.”

Officials arrested Washington for burglary of a habitation. A judge has set his bond at $200,000.

Source: FOXKXAN, Opposing Views

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