Couple Chatting On FaceTime As Tornado Approaches, Then The Screen Goes Blank…

MESQUITE, TEXAS — A Texas couple were chatting on Facetime when a tornado struck, killing Petra Ruiz Porras, a 27-year-old mother of four.

At least seven motorists were killed near Garland, Texas on Saturday night, December 26, 2015 after a tornado packing winds of up to 200 miles an hour ripped up roads and overturned vehicles.

Petra’s husband Ruben Porras had surprised his wife on Christmas Day with a gift: a booking for a solo trip to a hair salon for some R&R. Driving back to their home in Mesquite after the appointment the following day, Petra turned on Facetime and started chatting with Ruben about dinner and family stuff.

Suddenly, Ruben heard Petra begin screaming. He watched as the screen got fuzzy and then went black. Using a locater app, Ruben identified the spot where his wife’s phone signal had come from and a friend drove him to the site.

Blocked roads forced Ruben to run the last mile, past trees torn to shreds and cars flipped over like toys. He says he was just hoping she was still alive.

When he arrived at his wife’s crushed, overturned vehicle, his hopes were shattered. Petra Ruiz Porras, a mother, wife and Ruben’s best friend was dead. He leaned in and held her hand one last time.

Hours later, Porras sat down with his four kids — aged 2 through 9 — and told them their mother wasn’t coming home.

Ruben says he believes Petra’s passing was swift and knows she’s now watching over them from above. A GoFundMe page for the family has since raised over US$36,000.

Source: TomoNews US

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