Chivalry Is Alive And Well (And Throws Great Punches)

He was outnumbered and losing, until they hit his wife…

What’s that girls? Guys aren’t what they used to be anymore? Chivalry is dead, you say? It’s probably because you’re still dating ‘guys.’  If you’re confused about the difference between a ‘guy’ and a ‘man,’ let this video be a quick lesson on what the latter means. Opening doors, pulling out chairs – sure, that’s chivalrous, but it all pales in comparison against a man fighting for his girl.  In this video, chivalry is  put to the test when three guys in Times Square pull a girl’s hair and find out that her fiance is having none of it. There’s no “reporting them to the police” for this dude.  He straight put his dukes up the old fashioned way and kicked the crap out of them.  Even after he gets a cheap shot by one of the guys and his girl tries to help him out (#relationshipgoals), it only adds fuel to the fire and he ends up knocking the bully to the ground a few more times before they decide they’ve had enough chivalry for one day.

Source: The Richest

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