Did Donald Trump Just Let It Slip Who He Wants As His Running Mate?

While speaking to a crowd at a Portsmouth, New Hampshire, rally on Saturday, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump hinted at who he thought might make a great vice president and the name is surprising..

The rally was hosted by former Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., and when a member of the audience asked Trump if he thought the former senator would make a good vice president, Trump answered Brown would make a “very good” vice president.

“Vice president – hey, that sounds like it could, hey, hey, very good,” The Donald said.

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“Hey, you know what? And he’s central casting. Look at that guy. Central casting,” Trump said. “He’s great. Great guy and a great, beautiful, great wife and family. So important.”

Brown hosted the event as a part of his “No BS Backyard BBQ” series. He also plans to host a rally for Sen. Ted Cruz this weekend. The retired Army National Guard colonel succeeded former Sen. Ted Kennedy in a special election in 2010. He lost that seat in 2012 to Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

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