[Watch] Man Creates Firestarting Tool That Works Under Most Extreme Conditions. This Is Something You Gotta See!

Many people take pride in being prepared to survive in any unforeseen situation — and one of the most important things to have in a true survival scenario is the ability to create a fire. If you’re only prepared to conjure the flames under dry conditions, you are asking for trouble.

Roland Villarreal, owner of Survivor Firestarters, conducted a live demo for TheBlaze during SHOT Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

“If you can get a spark flint into anything dry, you’ve got a fire,” he explained. “Now, if it’s wet or raining outside, your matches or lighters won’t work.”

Villarreal said the Survivor Firestarter is waterproof, but also includes another tool ensuring the ability to start a fire under wet conditions.

“If you turn it over, that silver side is a solid bar of magnesium,” he said. “This is a metal they use for underwater welding on submarines, ships and oil rigs. It doesn’t matter if it gets wet once it’s started, it’ll burn under water.”

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