[Photos] Girls Skin Turns Pink After Using This Very Popular Product

Baths, by their very nature, are cleansing. It’s what they do – they clean. They also make excellent venues for home brewing but let’s not get into that. When you but some soapy goodness from the affluent, high-street, toiletry retailer, LUSH, you expect nothing more than to be cleaned… to the max. So imagine Abi Shenton’s horror when, thanks to some kind of bath bomb, she was made to look like some sort of extra from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Being in the midst of a pretty nippy winter as we are, the “sunburn” route is pretty out of the question – unless you’re game for faking a holiday. But no worry, since LUSH quickly got in touch…




Needless to say, they have alot of explaining to do.

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