Trump Spokeswoman: Malcolm X Is ‘My Idol,’ Republicans Are Racist

Once a statement like this is out on social matter, it lives forever!

Since joining the Trump campaign as a national spokeswoman in November, Katrina Pierson has served as an attack dog of sorts for Donald Trump, attempting to expose his critics and opponents as faux conservatives who are simply pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people.

And yet, Ms. Pierson’s own statements reveal she is a self-proclaimed devotee of Malcolm X (whom she has referred to as her “idol”) and has a history of attacking conservatives as racists, sneering at Christians who are unable to “handle the truth” and mocking candidates who open up about their faith on the campaign trail as preachers who would be “great if we were electing a Jesus.”

Pierson points to Malcolm X as a large source of her ideological founding, much like the leaders of Black Lives Matter do. Pierson has called the radical figure a hero and is open about her literal idolization of him, explaining that “MLK was too moderate for me.”

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Source: DailyCaller, Twitter

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