[Photos] Flight Attendant Snaps Bizzare Photo Of A Passenger That Is Going Viral.

Flight attendants alot of strange and interesting things while they are making sure us passengers are comfortable. Sometimes things can get pretty downright bizarre, and that seems to be the case in this instance when a flight attendant snapped a photo of a very unexpected passenger.

WTSP reported that a flight attendant came across a turkey sitting in a chair on an airplane. The turkey was apparently someone’s “emotional support animal” and was therefore allowed on the plane. Turns out turkeys can actually fly, and they prefer Delta airlines.

“My neighbor is a flight attendant,” Reddit user “biggestlittlepickle” wrote. “He just posted this picture of someone’s ‘therapy pet’ on his flight.”


Passengers with disabilities are allowed to take emotional support animals with them on flights. Most emotional support animals are common pets, like dogs.

There are no restrictions on what type of service animal you can take on a flight, although the Air Career Access act does state that airlines “are never required to accommodate certain unusual service animals (e.g., snakes, other reptiles, ferrets, rodents, and spiders) as service animals in the cabin.”

Speaking of accommodations, the emotional support turkey apparently got a special ride through the airport on a wheelchair.


The airline released a statement explaining its justification for allowing the turkey on the flight.  “Delta complies with the Air Carrier Access Act by allowing customers traveling with emotional support animals or psychiatric service animals to travel without charge in the cabin. While we can’t always accommodate all pets, Delta employees made a judgment call based in part on extensive documentation from the customer,” the statement said.

“We review each case and make every effort to accommodate our customers’ travel needs while also taking into consideration the health and safety of other passengers,” it added.

Who knows, the turkey could have belonged to anyone for any reason. Whatever the case may be, it is pretty darn amusing.

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