[Photo] Arkansas Teen Turned Away From Marines For This Absurd Reason

The PC bull needs to end. Plain and simple. How many more absurd stories will we hear about? Now they are refusing people in the military because of a confederate flag tattoo? What is next?

GREENBRIER, Ark. — An Arkansas teen who has dreamed for years of joining the Marines has been turned away due to a tattoo. Anthony Bauswell, 18, said a recruiter told him he was disqualified due to a tattoo over his ribs.

The tattoo is of a Confederate Flag with the words “Southern Pride” written over it. “As soon as I said rebel flag on my ribs, he says DQ, just automatically, DQ,” Bauswell told KARK-TV.

The Marin Corp tattoo policy bans tattoos that are “sexist, racist, vulgar, anti-American, anti-social, gang related, or extremest group or organization related.” The size and placement of tattoos is regulated, though the rib area is not part of that policy.

The Marine tattoo policy has been controversial. The recent high school grad said he understands the flag is controversial.

“I definitely don’t want it to be seen as racism, which is 99% of the reason I got southern pride on it,” said Bauswell. “I kind of felt like I had a plan for my life, and now that I can’t go, I am not sure where I stand.”

An update to the Marine’s tattoo policy is expected to be released in the next 30 days.


What do you think? Is this going overboard?

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