Trump Has EPIC Response For Preacher Who Was Blasting Him During Sermon

Donald Trump has had a lot of people take shots at him during his run for the presidency. However, most of the time he’s been in an interview or on a debate stage. How would he react when he was in church and had an entire sermon taking a shot at him?

Better than one might expect, actually, given his reaction when a Presbyterian pastor used a visit from The Donald as an opportunity to direct her sermon at the candidate.

The Associated Press (via TheBlaze) reported that the Rev. Pamela Saturnia at the First Presbyterian Church in Muscatine, Iowa, made a clear reference to Trump on Sunday during a portion of her sermon that dealt with humility.

“Can you imagine eye telling hand, ‘Get lost, I don’t need you’ or hearing the head telling the foot, ‘You’re fired, your job has been phased out?’” Saturnia said, a clear reference to The Donald’s catchphrase.

Another part of her sermon dealt with the acceptance of outsiders, including “Syrian refugees” and “the Mexican migrants.”

“Jesus is teaching us today that he has come for those who are outside of the church,” the pastor said, encouraging the congregation to reach out to “those who are the most unloved, the most discriminated against, the most forgotten in our community and in our world.”

Trump, of course, is well known for advocating a temporary halt to the acceptance of refugees from the Middle East and for his push to enforce immigration statutes and build a border wall with Mexico.

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