[Breaking] Mass Casualties Are Feared As ISIS Strikes Damascus

A triple explosion in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus has left a whopping 45 people dead. Just hours after the bombing, a website linked to ISIS confirmed that the terrorist attack was carried out by their followers.

According to Metro, the blast occurred as UN envoys were trying to start indirect peace talks between delegations sent to Geneva by the Syrian government and the opposition.
Officials say the first attack was a car bomb at a bus station, which was quickly followed by two blasts detonated by suicide bombers as rescuers rushed to the scene.

This bombing came just as President Bashar Assad’s government said that they’d “never accept” the removal of two militant groups from a list of terror groups banned from the peace talks. Ahrar al-Sham and the Army of Islam, two Islamic groups fighting to overthrow Mr Assad, agreed to take part in the Geneva peace talks. However, both the Syrian government and their ally Russia see these groups as terrorists that should be excluded from the talks along with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

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