Real-life Supergirl? Teen Lifts Pickup Truck to Save Dad’s Life From Fire

Is it adrenalin that allowed her to do it or something more?

Video below:

Foxnews has the story…

A Virginia teenager summoned incredible strength when she lifted a burning truck to save her father’s life.

Charlotte Heffelmire’s father was working on his truck when he got pinned underneath. To make matters worse, gasoline spilled and a fire was ignited.

19-year-old Charlotte managed to lift the truck twice to get her father free and pulled him to safety. She then got the rest of her family out of the house.

Charlotte and her father Eric joined Fox and Friends Weekend to share the amazing story.

She said that she stumbled upon the scene, and adrenaline basically took care of the rest.

“I came into the garage, and the garage was already on fire,” Charlotte said. “And really from then I kind of snapped into the whatever super mode I had at that point to do what I had to do.”

According to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, her quick actions saved six lives and prevented further spread of the fire. She was presented with a Citizen Lifesaving Award.

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