[Watch] Pro-Abortion Group NARAL Rips Dorito’s Ad For “Humanizing Fetuses”.

In case you missed it last night like I did, here is the commercial in its entirety.


For the record, I thought this may have been the year when the whole idea of the Super Bowl ad collectively jumped the shark. They mostly followed a pattern of celebrity appearances, lots of chaos, lots of bigness and some sort of unlikely thing going on (animals talking, etc.). It’s neither here nor there to me because I actually tune in to see a football game, but as the commercials went this year, this one was actually somewhat more on the conventional side – drawing your focus as it does to the actual product rather than getting you to say, “I really don’t see the appeal of Amy Schumer” and then asking others in the room if they can remember what the commercial was for.

But that’s me. Never let it be said that the fine folks at the National Abortion Rights Action League will let an opportunity slide by to get their knickers in a twist, and the certainly didn’t waste any time last night:

Insecure people always act like this. Any suggestion of a worldview that doesn’t agree with theirs, even a humorous one (in fact, often, especially that), brings about an angry bitter reaction because they’re terrified people might nod their heads and enjoy the joke. Ultrasounds especially terrify the abortion crowd because, as they become more sophisticated and clear, they make it harder for anyone to deny that a fetus is a human being – which, of course, is the point of NARAL’s little snit here.

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