Days Before Her Daughter’s 2nd Birthday, Joey Feek Shares News That Left Me In Tears

Time after time, Joey Feek is teaching us what is most important in life. As She has shared her journey through the devastating cancer that is devouring her body, she has showed us all what is truly important in life. As most of us wake up every day and take for granted what we have, she is keeping her family close and sharing as much love as is possible showing what really matters and that is the people we love.


Joey’s husband Rory posted a photo on Facebook of the special way his wife is keeping their daughters close to her heart. The photo features Joey wearing a necklace with the names of her daughters: Indiana, Heidi, and Hopie.

…keeping our girls close to her heart.

Posted by Rory Feek on Sunday, February 7, 2016

When Joey met Rory in 2001, he was a single father to two daughters, Heidi and Hopie, from a previous marriage, who had moved to Nashville with their father in 1995. Both of them refer to Joey as “Mom.” Rory’s strength as a single father was one of many qualities that immediately attracted Joey to him.

Indiana’s 2nd birthday is Feb. 17, 2016. Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer only two months after giving birth to Indiana. Please say a prayer that this beautiful family gets to celebrate Indy’s 2nd birthday together.

Please share this article so more people will pray for Joey’s health. Joey needs every prayer she can get.

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