The F-35 Program Has Had So Many Problems That It Is Causing Generals To Faint On Live TV [WATCH]

“That’s what the F-35 will do to you…”

Telegraph has more…

This is the moment Major General James Martin was caught off-guard and fainted during a Pentagon briefing on Tuesday.

The General, who is the US Air Force’s deputy assistant secretary for budget, was discussing future plans for the F-35 fighter jet when he collapsed at the lectern.

His colleague Air Force Deputy for Budget Carolyn Gleason pulled an awkward face as the man next to her doubled over.

Despite the commotion, Gleason managed to make light of the moment.

“That’s what the F-35 will do to you,” she laughed, pulling an embarrassed face.

Four aides rushed to help Martin, who looked up from the lectern with a bewildered gaze as he was offered water and a seat.

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We hope that the General is ok and that the F-35 program somehow manages to become worth all the money we have spent on it.

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