Cop Stops For Upset Woman On Side Of Road; Ends Up Involved In More Than He Expected

Hunstville Police Officer Charles Draper was travelling down the road, when he spotted a woman sitting in her car while curiously stopped along the shoulder. After seeing that she clearly looked upset, he pulled over to see how he could help, but he soon found himself involved in far more than he was expecting.

Johnni Chevonne Adams described her awful day on facebook, explaining that the morning had gotten off to a really rough start. Seemingly everything that could go wrong did, ending with her stranded on the Parkway with her two children in tow. Both her son and daughter had different places they needed to be, as well as Johnni. The frustration of nothing going as planned came to a head, as she had no way of getting where she needed to go.

With tears in her eyes as she awaited the tow truck, Officer Draper pulled up behind her car and came to the anguished mom’s window. No sooner had she rolled it down for him, she found herself unloading the stresses of her morning to this suited stranger. That moment of raw emotion led to something Johnni will never forget.

Draper told the mother to get into his patrol car, then he buckled her kids in the back seat. For the next stretch of time, the cop acted as this stressed out mom’s personal chauffeur, easing her worries by running her son to daycare and daughter to school, on opposite ends of town. “Officer Draper helped me safely get my children into his car, drove my son to daycare (and gave him a stuffed animal!), drove my daughter to school, and got me to work on time!” Johnni wrote in her post of the situation, before describing something else special he did for her that really was the icing on the cake.

Cop Stops For Upset Woman On Side Of Road, Had No Clue What He Was In For

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