Introducing The First TRANSGENDER Judge In Canadian History. Confused On Some Things But Not The Law?

Do you believe that this new judge is capable of fair, impartial decisions?

Hey Judge, do you really want to hurt me? (Story below…)

CBC reported that Canada’s first transgender judge was sworn in today in Winnipeg.

After being appointed to the bench in mid-December, former Crown attorney Kael McKenzie officially took his seat in the Manitoba court Friday.

“Kael is the first self-identified transgender judge in Canada and that is something to be celebrated,” a judge said to a crowd of applause at the swearing-in ceremony.

“Kael is a proud member of the Manitoba Métis Nation. His appointment can only serve to strengthen public confidence in the administration of justice in this province.”

McKenzie was praised for his involvement in the legal community before saying a few words himself.

“I’m just so grateful for the faith that’s been bestowed upon me,” McKenzie said.

He started off by honouring his heritage, acknowledging the ceremony was taking place on Treaty 1 land, and explained that his experiences in the Canadian Forces and as a transgender man have helped him feel connected to Manitoba.

How are Canadians receiving the news? 

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