‘Phubbing’ Is Ruining Sex Lives And There Almost A 100% Chance You Are Doing It!

Sex and relationships can both be complicated, and it gets worse if you are doing this…

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In theory, when you’re in a relationship, the temptation to seek emotional relief from isolation through your phone should be reduced.

But it’s 2015, and it’s not happening.

According to a survey of more than 400 individuals by Baylor University, 46.3% of respondents said their partners snubbed them by taking to their phones, or “phubbed” them. And 22.6% said it “caused issues” in their relationship.

“The results presented herein suggest that partner phubbing creates conflict over such use of one’s cell phone which in turn impacts reported relationship satisfaction, and ultimately personal well-being,” co authors James E. Roberts and M.E. David write.

Here’s their diagram explaining how it works: the phubbing leads to conflict over cell phone use, which impacts relationship satisfaction, which impacts life satisfaction, which leads to depression. We don’t want to know what happens next.


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