[Watch] Blaze TV Host Faces Off With Popular Radio Host After He Names Her ‘Donkey of the Day’

After being named “Donkey of the Day” by radio personality Charlamagne Tha God, Blaze TV host Tomi Lahren invited the popular radio show host on her show, and things got heated pretty quickly.

Lahren first received the “Donkey of the Day” recognition from Charlamagne Tha God for her adamant disagreement with Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, in which she channeled the controversial Black Panthers and addressed police brutality.

 “If you want to talk about protecting black communities, you can’t just select the things that you want to talk about — you have to be mindful of all of it,” Lahren remarked at the start of the conversation.

Lahren went on to tell the radio personality that there “will still be problems in black communities if white officers stopped shooting any black person.”

But Charlemagne Tha God did not seem to believe that was a valid point. It only gets more heated from there!


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