[Photos] Philly P.D. Has EPIC Response To Kanye West Regarding His Tweet On His $53 Million Dollar Debt

Ever since Kanye West announced, via a series of semi-coherent tweets, that he was $53 million in debt, a load of job offers have come in. First came Pizza Hut, which offered Kanye a chance to earn some dough by kneading some dough.

Apparently, that’s not on the rapper’s agenda, since he hasn’t accepted the job offer yet. That’s when the Philadelphia Police Department decided to step in. Not only does Philadelphia’s job offer pay better than pizza delivery, it has all sorts of possibilities. For instance, Kanye on the police force has buddy cop movie written all over it.

In the mean time he is trying his luck with the CEO Of Facebook. He tweeted:


He has yet to hear back from Mr. Zuckerberg. Probably due to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t even have a twitter account as it would be direct competition to his Facebook empire. He can only hope.

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