[Photos] Hikers Spot Something Odd Deep In Mine – When They Got Closer…OMG!

While exploring an abandoned mine, a group of hikers estimated that they traveled about 200 feet when they spotted something out of the ordinary. As a shimmer caught their eye, the group was left utterly astounded after finding a “mountain” of a discovery inside the mine – and they have the pictures to prove it.

IT Engineer Gregory Rivolet, 31, was told by a good friend about an abandoned mine that held quite the incredible secret. You can imagine his surprise to learn that it was in his relative backyard in Ceredigion, Wales, prompting him to actively seek it out.

“I was intrigued and started to do some research about it and realized it was in the UK. Once I found out the location of the mine, I asked a contact of mine in the UK to guide me down there,” he later explained. Just like that, Gregory managed to put together a group of intrigued minds, and they headed down into the darkness together.

“There was something so surreal about this exploration, it was totally dark, wet, slippery and very dangerous,” he recalled. “It was very dangerous as the mine is really unstable. Pieces of slate were falling from above our heads. We had to use rope to climb down to the right level of the mine, the descent was around sixty-five feet deep, it didn’t feel very secure at all.”

Urban Explorers Find Mountain Of Cars 200 Feet Below Mine

However, that’s when they saw something shimmering in the distance. After investigating a bit further, they noticed it was “the most unexpected thing, a mountain of old cars.” The mine opened up around 1836 and closed up around 1960, and it has been left abandoned ever since.

Urban Explorers Find Mountain Of Cars 200 Feet Below Mine

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