[Watch] Model Can’t Find Work Because She Is Told She Is Too Big, What Do You Think?

The standards of beauty in the fashion industry are getting crazier every year, and tiny models are constantly being told that they are “too fat.” But now, one Swedish model is fighting back against this injustice!

Agnes Hedengard of Arvika, Sweden reportedly can no longer find work because she has been told repeatedly that she is“too big” for fashion, even though she is anything but that.

“I have been in contact with big agencies and clients that really want to work with me, but as soon as they get hold of my measurements, it’s a whole other story,” she said in the Youtube video below this story, according to AWM. “They are like, ‘No, she’s too big; she needs to get in a better shape; we will not work with her; whoa, no, she’s way too big.’”

Agnes is 5’11 and has a body mass index of 17.5, which is well below the average for 18.5 to 25 for women her height. Even though she came in third on Sweden’s Next Top Model in 2014, Agnes can no longer find modeling work and has been forced to get a sales job in order to make ends meet.

“According to the modeling industry, you cannot look like this,” she said in the video, pointing to her figure. “You need to be thinner.”

“I can’t get booked for any jobs, or I don’t get enough to make a living out of it,” Agnes continued. “Modeling is more like a part-time job now. I gave [the modeling world] a shot for a year — I barely ate, and counting calories was a daily chore. I have anorectic thoughts, but I fight them constantly.

“It’s hard, but if you put all the energy you normally would waste on these eating disorder-thoughts towards instead loving yourself, the bad comments are like water off a duck’s back,” she concluded.

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