[Breaking] Was There A Secret Meeting Between These Two Leading GOP Candidate?

As Trump is leading by far in the national polls, his opponents Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio may have something up their sleeves to stop him.

According to Red State, some inside sources claim that Cruz and Rubio had a secret meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

Many on the right strongly dislike Donald Trump — despite his claims of being conservative, many claim that they are unwilling to vote for Trump if he wins the GOP nomination. The conservative powerhouse, National Review, even posted a manifesto in which they explain their opposition to Trump.

Never before have we seen the GOP so divided. You have the “establishment” GOP-ers supporting Rubio, the evangelicals supporting Cruz, and the non-establishment folks supporting Trump.

Perhaps together, Cruz and Rubio would be able to slow down the Trump train. But that would mean that one would have to drop out and that doesn’t seem very likely. It may be time for drastic measures however.

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