Islamic Extremists Confront Hindu Priest And What They Do Next Is Despicable!

Nobody is safe anywhere anymore thanks to these animals!

Dhaka (AFP) – A top Hindu priest was decapitated by attackers in northern Bangladesh Sunday and two worshippers wounded, police said, in the latest assault targeting minorities in the Muslim-majority nation.

Two assailants armed with pistols and cleavers attacked Jogeswar Roy, 45, the head priest of Sri Sri Sant Gourio Math, at his home in the temple on Sunday morning, officials said.

“The priest was preparing for morning prayers when they pounced on him and slit his head from the body at the verandah of his home inside the temple,” said Shafiqul Islam, a government administrator in the sub-district Debiganj where the temple is located.

The police are still trying to wrap their minds around why this could’ve happened.

The motive for the murder was not clear but police said Islamist militants were among those suspected as being behind the killing.

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