[Watch] The Next Time Someone Defends Bernie and Hillary’s “Free Stuff”, Give Them This EPIC Response!

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton like to get in front of America and talk about all of the “free” things they are going to give out to help Americans, but the fact is it’s a giant scam, but few realize how or why, mostly because they have never heard it explained in a way that’s understandable. You must put things in simple terms to get through to the liberal mindset don’t forget.

Engaged in a debate with Bill Ayers (Ayers is one of the biggest leftists you will ever encounter) at the University of Michigan Dinesh D’Souza explains why “free” is not free…it’s a scam.

D’Souza uses an analogy that compares Obamacare and free healthcare to receiving  free food and when you hear it, you will then be equipped with a simple analogy that you can use to shut down liberals who support free education, free healthcare, and any other “free” thing the government promises.

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