Biker Notices Something Bizarre On Highway And Forms Unlikely Partnership

Talk about turning a negative into a positive…

Video below:

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A Texas biker rescued a puppy that was left for dead on the side of a highway, and formed a partnership with the dog in the process (video below).

Brandon Turnbow posted about the shocking discovery he made while riding on the highway recently.

“Was riding out to meet dad this morning an saw a vehicle pulled over on 171 with a worthless piece of crap beating an innocent little white dog. I watched in my rear view and saw this guy throw the dog into the air curbside and drive off,” he wrote.

“I went after the guy just to give him a number one sign. And I now have a Co pilot- Meet Mr. DAVIDSON,” said Epoch Times.

Turnbow was so overwhelmed by the experience he had rescuing the dog that he started a nonprofit called Baaang Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global.

“Lets all join together to make this happen on an epic scale. I know there are a lot of Bikers out there that love animals so how would you like it if we sent Bikers to collect abused animals near you?” he wrote in a later post, according to Little Things.

Turnbow also wrote a song about his experience and posted it to YouTube.

“A lucky dog to have you!” one reader commented on Turnbow’s original post.

“Thanks for saving that sweet puppy! You’re his knight in shining armor!” another added.

Karma will catch up with everyone involved, no doubt!

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