[WATCH] Texas Teacher Slept With 17-year-old, Now Suing Him And His Mother?

She copped a plea, so why is she suing? And there is a sex tape?

Video below:

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Tanya Ramirez, a former King High School teacher, made headlines when she slept with her then 17-year-old student, Tristan Price.

The 31-year-old pled guilty of having an improper relationship, and was wrist-slapped with seven years of probation and a $4,000 fine.

To add to that preexisting fire, Ramirez then sued Price’s mother for defamation.

Now, she’s appearing on Dr. Phil to tell her side of the story, and to go into detail over the pending lawsuit.

A teaser for the upcoming episode also revealed the existence of a sex tape featuring the adult teacher and her teenage student engaging in illicit activities, as recorded by Price.

The tape was supposedly the lynch pin of Ramirez’s lawsuit; she insists it was an “invasion of her privacy.”

According to her attorneys, Ramirez reportedly accepts the consequences of her actions, but she’s not “embarrassed or ashamed” over what transpired with the victim.

One lawyer, Chris Gale, even asserted:

We’re looking at the bigger picture in regards to relationships. And if we determine in taxes you can have relationships with whoever you want, there may be ramifications for their employment, but there shouldn’t be prison time associated with it.

The bigger picture is, does she think she did anything criminally wrong? And she does not believe so and I don’t believe so either.

Ramirez also claims that Price’s mother’s portrayal of her in the media as a woman who preys on students cost her a job.

We did not have teachers like this when I was in school…

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