[Must Read] Tips And Tricks Secret Service agents use to tell if you’re hiding a gun

There are plenty of tell-tale signs that someone is carrying a gun, and the US Secret Service knows many of them.

As the guardians of the president, Secret Service agents are constantly scanning in the crowd. Since guns and knives can easily be concealed inside of a pocket, it’s especially important to look for indicators that reveal someone may be armed.

Here’s how they do it, according to a training guide obtained by the website Public Intelligence.

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The first thing agents want to do is figure out whether someone is right or left-handed.
By determining the “strong side,” agents can then look closer to see if the person is carrying a weapon on that side of their body. The guide says the presence of rings or watches, or how a person lights a cigarette are all indicators of what their dominant side is.

People who carry weapons will often periodically touch them as a “security feel” to make sure they are still there, either consciously or subconsciously.

And if all else fails and an agent cannot determine what side is dominant, it’s a good bet the person is right-handed. The guide states that 88% of people in the US are righties.

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