People Noticed Something STRANGE About These KKK Members “Supporting” Trump

People Noticed Something STRANGE About These KKK Members “Supporting” Trump

During the Nevada Republican caucus, liberal media reported about members of the KKK standing outside of polling locations to support Trump for President.

But…Can you see their hands? (below):

Can’t see them in that photo? Well, here is a closer look.

People Have Noticed Something STRANGE About KKK Members “Supporting” Trump
What color are those hands?

In fact, not only were the activists on caucus night African-American, they were radical left-wings activists from the dangerous Black Lives Matter movement. This is amazing:

The media found time to do an interview with a man who “confronted” them, but not with the actual black Klansmen for Trump. The results of such an interview would have been most inconvenient.

Senator Aaron Ford, who helped spread the story, essentially admitted they were black, but claimed that it didn’t matter.

The State Senator who helped make this false story go viral while Republicans were voting in Nevada refuses to apologizes for his mistake.

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