[WATCH] Students Break First Rule Of Fight Club By Filming It On Smartphones

The first rule of Fight Club: You don’t talk about Fight Club… and you don’t film it!

Video below:

DailyMail has more…

Shocking video has emerged of high school students brawling in an alleged underground fight club.

Parents were outraged after footage emerged of the violence which is believed to have been filmed at Nevada Union High School’s baseball clubhouse, Fox 40 reports.

The cellphone video, which was posted online, shows two students touch their boxing gloves together before launching into a brutal fight – watched on by a small crowd.

Superintendent Louise Johnson said she had only been made aware of the secret fight club after a parent found a video on social media.

‘We immediately opened an investigation. We’ve shut down the location where the fight took place,’ she told CBS Sacramento.

The students say they are simply “having fun.” How serious is the Fight Club issue?

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