Terrorists Get Away With Murder But If You Put Bacon In A Mosque, Jail For Life?

You cannot make this stuff up…

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Muslims can practically do whatever they want these days and no western government will prosecute them. They can rampage and literally burn down their homes and the civilization around them and nobody cares. They can attack and attempt to murder people who give them free food, water, and clothes. They can break into other people’s countries and then demand free things, and people submit to them. They even have their own government-backed Muslim only job fairs. Somehow, not only are these not crimes, but everybody else has to give their hard-earned money to these invaders.

At least, that is what one Florida man is potentially facing for the same act.

Florida WESH News:

Michael Wolfe, 35, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief of a religious building, a third-degree felony, in January.

State Attorney Phil Archer said the vandalism was clearly hate motivated and it will not be tolerated. Archer’s office added a hate crime enhancement to Wolfe’s charges earlier this month. The new charge carries a possible life sentence.

Prosecutors said the enhancement was added because they believe Wolfe left a slab of bacon at the mosque, which is offensive to Muslims.  He also slashed at windows and other property with a machete, prosecutors allege.

Archer said the charging decision is an indication of how seriously his office takes crimes of this nature.
Wolfe is being held without bail at the Brevard County Jail.

We do not defend vandalism, but life in prison? Really?

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